College Packing List: What Does a Student Needs in 2022?

The college season is fast approaching and you need to get ready. And by that, we mean that you need to buy all the essentials that will help you get through another successful year at college. Buying college items in advance may perhaps even help you save your money, but one thing is certain – it will save you a lot of nerves.

With no pressure on you, you can take your time and pick the best possible products, which will serve you well even when your college days are over. We will guide you through all the process of finding the college essentials. So, let’s start!

Electronics for College

It’s the 21st century and you can’t go to college without some electronic gadgets. Sure, you might feel like the old-fashion way is the best, but you can’t expect to do well unless you have all the gear you need, including a laptop, scientific calculator, headphones, voice recorder, and so on.

Laptops And Tablets

We live in the era of computers. These days, you can’t imagine doing anything without a computer or tablet. In fact, the chances are that you’re reading this article on one of those devices.

What kind of laptop/talent should you take is something that depends on your major. If you’re studying arts, literature, psychology or something similar, a simple laptop or a tablet would suit you well. However, if you’re studying architecture or software development, you will need a beefier device.

Scientific Calculators For Students

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, all these sciences require the use of advanced calculators. Sure, you may argue that every smartphone these days comes with a calculator app. The problem is that they don’t have advanced functions. And that’s exactly what you’ll need if your major is one of the aforementioned sciences.

A scientific calculator is a sort of computer, with its own CPU. The only difference is that regular computers can be used for a number of different purposes. Scientific calculators are used for one purpose only – science.

Voice Recorders for Lectures At College

A voice recorder can be a very handy little gadget that can help you with your studies a lot. The thing is that if you’ve attended lectures in the past, you know that some of the things you hear there are difficult to remember. Sure, you can try to write everything down, but that takes a lot of focus and a lot of skills.

A much simpler solution is to record the entire lecture with a voice recorder. This way, you can always check what the lecturer was talking, without a need to spend too much time on research. The best thing is that these devices are easy to use. You can connect it to your computer and transfer all the audio files you’ve recorded.

And once they’re on your computer, you will be able to edit them anyway you like. Is there a part of the lecture that’s not related to the thing you study? Just delete that part! Is the lecturer talking too slowly? Just speed it up!

Other electronics

Stationery For College

Yes, you can’t do without electronic gadgets in the 21st century, but this doesn’t mean you should forget all about the old-fashioned stationery. Items meant for writing down this will never go out of fashion. And some types of stationery will definitely come in handy while at college.


As a college student, you will have all kinds of obligations to take care of on a daily basis. We’re not just talking about those related to lectures, but also those related to everyday living tasks. And with so many different things to do, the chances are that you will get confused. And that means that it’s likely you will forget to take care of some of them.

This is the reason why buying a simple planer is a smart decision. This is where you can write down all your chores, but also use it as a notebook or a diary of your college activities. Considering that this item is pretty cheap, you shouldn’t think too much about whether to buy it or not.

Paper Notebooks

A great thing about planers is that they come with printed calendars and hours of the day, so that you can plan your schedule easily. But, you can use a plain notebook for basically the same purpose. Actually, you can use a paper notebook for a wide range of purposes, apart from making plans.

You can take them to lectures to write down important things. You can use them while studying or while writing essays. And same as planners, paper notebooks are also extremely cheap.


The chance is that you’re going to use a lot of paper in your studies, e.g. for scripts, tests, notes, plans, and so on. But, working with hundreds of sheets of paper scattered all over your dorm room is far from being an easy task. You need to stay organized and the easiest way to do it is to get yourself some binders in advance.

Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils sound like obvious items for your college packing list, but they’re often overlooked. And if you forget to get them, you might get yourself in a real problem. When at college, you’re going to get in a need for pens and/or pencils on an everyday basis. This is why buying them in bulk is a smart option.

Backpacks, Bags & Accessories For College Students

Another item you will need is a bag in which you could put personal accessories, such as your smartphone, wallet, but also some scripts and papers.

Such a bag should not be too large because its purpose is to be used on a regular basis. And the same is the reason why that bag should look nice and feel comfy on your shoulder.

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

If you’re going to take your laptop to lectures, in addition to notebooks and scripts, you will need to put all that stuff in. So, don’t forget to buy yourself the right kind of bag. It needs to be spacious enough so that you can fit in all your college items, yet it shouldn’t be too large and inconvenient to carry.

Buying a backpack seems like a reasonable decision. Still, if you think you won’t need to take too much stuff with you apart from a laptop and a few other items, maybe buying a messenger bag would be a better idea!

Tote Bags

Another type of bag you need to buy for your college days is the tote bag. Also known as the canvas bag, this type of bag is famously very lightweight, meaning that you will be able to take it with you anywhere you go.

These bags are also pretty spacious, so you will have no problems putting in all the stuff you need for your college lectures. And often, these bags can look quite trendy.

Laundry Bags

We’re still on the subject of bags, although this is a little bit different type of bag. You won’t carry this bag with you, but you use to store your dirty laundry. If you’re going to live in a dorm, you will be able to use its laundry service. But, to get your laundry to the laundromat, you will need to put it somewhere.

The most convenient, as well as the most hygienic option is the laundry bag. These bags come in all shapes and sizes, and the best thing is that they’re pretty affordable.


If you think that in the era of smartphones, there’s no need for watches, you’re very wrong. College students especially are the ones who need such a gadget. The reason is that in some colleges the use of a smartphone is forbidden. And we’re not talking only about using them on exams, but also about their use during lectures.

Another great thing about watches is that these days, they come with many additional functions. Some watches can measure your pulse and blood pressure, some come with GPS so that you can use them to track your fitness performances, and so on.

Water Bottles

We’re talking about reusable water bottles. Instead of buying bottled water whenever you feel thirsty, you can save up some money by using a reusable water bottle. These bottles are usually pleasant on the eye, not to mention that they’re made of high-quality plastic that’s very sturdy and durable.

The same is the reason why these bottles can be used for other purposes, including mixing cocktails and making shakes.

Specialty Items for Nursing Students

If you’re studying to become a nurse, you will need a whole range of additional specialty items. We’re talking things like lab coats, nursing shoes, clinical bags, compression socks, scissors, a penlight, a stethoscope, and so on.


The stethoscope is an item every student of medicine will need. And the same goes for those who are studying some related sciences. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an acoustic medical device used to listen to the sounds inside the human body (or animal body).

The good news is that these things aren’t too expensive; the bad news is that they’re sold only in specialized shops. This is the reason why medical students need to get their stethoscopes in time before the college year has started.


Here’s a device that’s not very cheap but which is often used by medical students, as well as those studying physics, chemistry, and so on. Usually, it’s up to college to supply the students with these sorts of devices during the lab practice. However, if you want to take this kind of work home, that is, to your dorm room, you will need to buy yourself a microscope.

Pharmacology Flashcards

As a student of medicine, you will have to learn about literally hundreds of different drugs, toxins, and other substances Of course, memorizing so many different things is guaranteed to be difficult, but there’s a way to solve this problem.

What we’re talking about are the so-called pharmacology flashcards. As their name suggests, they’re used as a visual means of fast learning. And considering that they’re not expensive, why not give them a try?

Don’t Forget About Dorm Life

Your dorm room is going to become your primary living space. And such, you need to give it some personal touch. Making your living environment more to your taste is guaranteed to make the transition from home to college much easier.

Apart from putting personal items in your dorm room that will make you feel at home, you also need to get the stuff that will make your life more comfortable. We’re talking things like beds, chairs, household appliances, and so on.


Although the dorm you get will probably come with some basic items of furniture, the chances are that you will want to replace everything. Investing in a comfy bed (and all the bedding) is guaranteed to pay off. A person needs at least 7 hours of good night’s sleep on a regular basis, but you can get that if you’re going to sleep on an old and uncomfortable bed.

Apart from buying a bed, you should also consider buying an ergonomic chair which you’d use for studying. Such a chair will enable you to stay focused on the book by eliminating discomfort and pain you could get from sitting for several hours.

Other pieces of furniture you might wanna get as well include storage trunks, laundry hampers, baskets, and so on. Actually, our advice is to put everything on your college shopping list that might make your everyday life in the dorm more comfortable. Of course, furniture also has the power to make you feel good in the room, which is why it’s important to pick the right design.


You will need to get all the appliances required for studying and everything else college-related. Things like printers and scanners might be essential depending on what you study. You will also need to get some appliances designed to make your everyday life easier. Things like mini-fridges and coffee machines are very popular among college students.

College life is not just about studying; it’s also about having a little bit of fun. This is why you need to consider buying some appliances meant for leisure activities. We’re talking about things like TV, projectors, speakers, etcetera. Of course, you shouldn’t fill your dorm room with such stuff; after all, you’ve come to college to educate yourself not to spend your days watching TV and listening to music.


If you’re wondering why bedding needs to be on your college packing list, it’s because it will make you feel comfortable in the bed. Apart from helping you get enough sleep, thus resting your brain for the challenges posed by your college, having the right kind of bedding is important for hygienic reasons as well.

Because you will need to wash the betting on a regular basis, our advice is to buy at least two bedding sets before the college season starts. This way, you will be able to use one set of betting while the other is in the laundromat.

The items that belong to the bedding category include things like mattress toppers, sheets, and comforters. Apart from these items, we also advise spending a little bit more money on buying a quality sleeping pillow. And the same advice we’ve given you about the design of the furniture applies for bedding as well. If it looks nice and familiar, you’re going to feel much better sleeping in it. Otherwise, it could be hard to adjust to a new sleeping environment, especially at the beginning.

Dorm Room Accessories

Although you might not feel like it, being a college student has never been easier. We live in the 21st century and there are all kinds of accessories you can use to make your college life more comfortable, more interesting, and more efficient. And the best thing is that many of these useful gadgets are pretty affordable.

For instance, if you’re not a morning person, buying a vibrating alarm clock will get you out of bed. If you want to read a book before going to sleep, why not get yourself a lamp that puts itself to sleep after a while? Or, maybe string lights are the solution?

Then you need to think about the accessories used in the bathroom. Things like shower caddies are definitely worth buying. When it comes to the kitchen, think about buying some jars where you would keep coffee, tea, and spices.

Also, consider buying some accessories that will take your mind off studying. Playing cards, dart boards, monopoly, and so on, are the things you should take with you as you will definitely need some leisure time. Finally, consider buying some fitness accessories as well. Those that don’t take too much space seem like the obvious choice. Think items like a jump rope, push-up handles, and so on.

Items Useful for Campus Life

Your typical day at college is going to consist mostly of going from your dorm room to attend lectures. This means that you will need to get the items required for studying and for regular daily living. Those things are essential, but you will also need to get some items meant to come in handy in-between. What we’re talking about are the items used for transportation around the campus.

Electrical scooters have become a big thing lately. They’re small and lightweight, which makes them ideal for getting from one place within the campus to another. Of course, a scooter doesn’t have to be electrical; you can buy an old-fashioned one that goes on the energy created by you.

If the campus is large in area, maybe it’s better to buy something that goes faster, such as a bicycle or a motorcycle. Sure, such a thing can be pricey, especially for a college student, but luckily for you, you got Amazon. This is a website where you can find some amazing products at extremely low prices.


There you have it – your ultimate college packing list. Getting all of those things in advance is going to help you start off your college adventure on the right foot. If you take care of everything now, you won’t have to waste your precious time on buying stuff. Instead, you will be able to use that time to study or party with your college friends.

And if you decide to do your college shopping online, you will save yourself a lot of energy. It’s much more convenient to just sit in your chair and browse the internet in search of the items you need to buy.

But, that’s not all, if you go to Amazon to do your shopping, you are likely to save yourself a lot of money. This site features a huge number of products manufactured by a huge number of different brands, meaning that you will easily find something to your liking.