The 4 Best Waterproof Backpacks For College Students

Waterproof backpacks are shield against water. You can completely submerge a waterproof backpack in the water without water getting inside. Most backpacks for college are not waterproofed. Most are made with urethane coated nylon which water can get through the seams and cracks. Waterproof bags are used for various activities which are; hiking, cycling, travel, school, military, sporting activities.

In colleges, getting the right backpack with the best quantity is the aim of every student. It is very important to have a reliable backpack to safeguard your books, laptop and other materials. So it is necessary to get the best college waterproof backpack. As a college student or a freshman, trying to get of the best water resistant backpacks with a lot of waterproof backpacks in the market is a challenging task. A lot of things are considered: the quantity, safety, price, size, shape, light weight and professional cool outlook appearance. This guide is to recommend the best waterproof backpack for college you can get.

Top 4 Best Water Resistant Backpacks for Students

Being in college, picking the reliable, durable and effective waterproof backpack to fit academic needs is the aim of every student. When picking a waterproof backpack, you have to consider the weather quality of the environment, the capacity of the backpack i.e. if the backpack is meant for books only, laptop only or it can be used for several purposes.

If you want to explore for a minute on the best waterproof backpack for college students, check out our guide to help you in choosing the top water resistance backpack to make life easier for you. After going through this guide, it will be less tough to find the best waterproof backpack for you.

We have listed below for you the best waterproof backpacks for college. The below are chose based on reviews, feedbacks, functions and rating by customers from varies purchase outlets. These products are the best, most reliable and most capable for you.

Mancro Slim Water Resistant College School Book bag (fits 17″ laptop)

The 15.6 inches Mancro slim waterproof bag is known for its long-lasting usage every day. This backpack serve as USB charging backpack, office work bag, especially as a college student backpack for all boys, girls, women, man, teens and adult. It consists of external USB with built-in charging code.

The backpack has 10+ compartments with a dedicated space for your laptop, pen, book, A4 files, clothes and any other college material. The dedicated laptop compartment can hold laptops less than 17inches. It has two side pockets for better access which can hold bottle and umbrella.

Made from polyester fabric, with reinforced bottom and long lasting metal accessories such as zips. It has a light weight which is perfect for traveling, school and shopping. It includes a THEFT PROOF COMBINATION LOCK & MENTAL ZIPPERS which protects your laptop, book, wallet and other materials from being stolen and offers private space which limits the accessibility to you only.

Vaschy Unisex Classic Water Resistant School Backpack (fits 14″ laptop)

This unisex classic waterproof backpack is made of durable polyester with ensures it to last really long. If you want an easy to organize backpack, this is the one for you.

With the main compartment having double-zippers closure, an exterior pocket with zippers and two sides pocket for hold bottle and umbrella.

The backpack is coated with light substance to endure regular water exposure like light rain but it is not built to withstand heavy exposure.

Its padded laptop pocket can fit up to 15inches laptop. With differently sized pocket, you can arrange your materials and tools. The classic bag is a heavy-duty backpack with it suitable when going casual.

For a college student looking for a comfortable and durable waterproof backpack to carry your college books and materials, this backpack is recommendable. It gives optimum comfort for your shoulders. Its adjustable straps are perfect for picking the right length of the straps that fits around your shoulders.

XDesign Waterproof College Backpack with USB Charging Port & Anti-Theft Lock (fits 16″ laptops)

Consisting of deep storage, a dedicated compartment for laptop and multiple pockets, this backpack is designed with comfort and style to go with your everyday look.

This has an audio port to thread your earpiece through to take calls and listen to music. It also has a built-in USB port for charging your gadgets with ease while on the move.

The exterior is made from an anti-scratch material for durability and extra security. It is capable of fitting up to 16inches laptop with extra storage compartments for bottles and other college accessories.

This unisex waterproof backpack is made from Oxford fabric which makes it durable and waterproof yet breathable which gives a lightweight college experience. When it comes to security, this bag is heavily protected. With the front buckle and secure zippers and anti-scratch exterior. It eases pressure on the neck and shoulders due its cushioned backside and adjustable straps.

Tzowla Student Waterproof Backpack with USB Charging Port and Lock

This is more than a backpack that resists water. It is made to function in many other ways not all backpacks can. This backpack is created to offer a life-time quality commitment with everyday use.

It is a very durable and comfortable backpack made from a lightweight polyester fabric with a widen shoulders strap. It has a compartment that holds laptops up to 15.6inches, built-in key ring design to avoid misplacing your key and multiple divider pockets.

It consists of USB interface for charging your phone by connecting the USB cord to your power bank. It also has headphone interface to free your hands with listening to music or taking a call on your phone.

With a password lock and durable metal zippers, safety is guaranteed for the protection of your items in the backpack. It is suitable for women, men, girls, boys, teens and adult for daily use at school, college and travel.


Shuttling between classes and other activities, college students majorly rely on their backpack to carry everything they need for the entire day with them. A backpack should be created with functions to protect against rain, stain and liquid substances that can get through and cause harm or damage to your items in the backpack.

Most waterproof backpacks for college students are furnished and equipped with high grade waterproof materials and accessories to protect your items from heavy water exposure.

You will be amazed with the functions, factors and accessories your waterproof backpack can come with. Your laptop and college items get to be safe from water even theft due to enforced security consisting neat design, large capacity, durability, USB port design and headphone interface and other volatile properties.

Although these waterproof backpacks are created majorly for college use, they can also be used for other purposes optimally aside carrying of college materials such as travelling, business, shopping, hiking and sport.

The above listed waterproof backpacks are made to make sure that you have a long time comfort and safety while doing your day to day college activities. You can easily pick from the above for your desirable and well equipped waterproof backpack for your college activities.