The 4 Best String Lights For College Dorm Room

If your thoughts are that you have no need for buying string lights for your college dorm room, we’re now going to try to convince you otherwise. String lights or rope lights are those that are often used in backyards, to enhance the experience while spending time outside. They’re also commonly used as holiday lighting. Still, they can also be a good choice for indoor use.

The reason is simple – this type of thing ensures incredible lighting in the room. And the explanation is obvious, string lights are made out of many lights on a long string. There can be dozens of lights on a string that’s no more than 20 feet long. Buying one of these things can light up your entire college dorm room. And this means that there will always be light! Whether you’re studying, making meals, cleaning up, or doing anything else in your dorm room, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of light.

Another big plus for string slights from a college student’s perspective is that they can be used as a pretty awesome party accessory. You can create fun and crazy atmosphere in your room by using bulbs of different colors.

4 Best String Lights For College Student’s Dorm Room

The chances are that you’re no an expert on straight lights. Actually, there aren’t too many college students that are even remotely interested in this subject. Still, this doesn’t mean that many students wouldn’t like to get themselves the best possible straight lights on the market. If you’re one of those guys, you will find the solution to your problem in this article!

After doing thorough research, we were able to pick out four products, each of which deserves to be called the best straight light for college dorm room. Buy one of these and you won’t regret your choice. But, which of these four products should you go for? Read the four reviews below and you’ll get all the info you need to make the right buying decision!

Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs For College Dorm by Brightown

The first product in our reviews is the one made by Brightown. These string lights come with a 25-feet-long string and 25 lights, with G40 clear bulbs included in the package.

Alternatively, you can opt for a version with more bulbs and a longer string. Right now, there are two other options: 50-bulb string and 100-bulb string.

Speaking of bulbs, the distance between two of them on the string is 12 inches. Thanks to this fact, the string lights are pretty adjustable; you can arrange the bulbs in many different ways.

Because of this, you can use the string lights for various different purposes, including your dorm room.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s pretty quality-made, thus potentially very durable. One piece of evidence of that claim is that the manufacturer is giving a 1-year warranty on this product.


  • Great level of lighting
  • Easy to arrange the bulbs
  • Built to last


  • None

LED Window Curtain String Light For Dorm Room by Twinkle Star

The first item on our list is suitable for providing you enough light to study and do all kinds of other things in your college dorm room.

The one we’re now going to review is more of a party product. It comes with tiny bulbs, but, there’s a really large number of them.

Actually, there are 300 LED bulbs, placed on 10 strings, which are attached onto a long and firm piece, which you can easily mount on the wall. Because of this, this product is often used as a window curtain string light.

You can also use it outside, because this product is waterproof.

It has 8 different modes, e.g. slowly fading or twinkling, which makes this light a very suitable choice for parties. Finally, this Twinkle Starr product is attractive for its affordable price as well.


  • Easy to mount
  • 300 bulbs
  • Different programs
  • Cheap


  • Not too bright

50 String Lights With Photo Clips/Holders For Dorm

Here’s a really interesting product which will help you add your own personal charm to your dorm room.

It comes not only with bulbs but also with photo clips. This means that you can place 50 personal photographs on the wall, with tiny lights shining on each one of them.

When it comes to the lighting performances of this string light, it uses small led lights, which are meant to be used for creating a pleasant (or even romantic) atmosphere in the room.

Still, they’re not powerful enough to light up the entire place enough so that you wouldn’t need additional lights.

Another great thing about this product is that it runs on batteries. You will need 3 AA batteries in order for these string lights to work. The batteries aren’t included in the package, which shouldn’t surprise you much considering that this is one very cheap product.


  • Creative design
  • Let’s you add a personal touch to your dorm room
  • Runs on batteries
  • Cheap price


  • Not too bright

Fairy String USB Plug-in Lights by YIHONG

The lights are tiny, but there’s a lot of them placed on the 33-feet-long string. This makes it pretty good in terms of illumination.

Another awesome thing about this product is that thanks to its long string, you will be able to arrange the bulbs anyway you like.

This product is also very cheap, which is kind of surprising considering that it comes with some pretty advanced features. For instance, there’s a remote control, which lets you choose from different visualization models, as well as to set up the timer.

It also lets you choose from 13 different colors of the bulbs using the remote. Then, there’s also the USB connection, which allows you to plug the fairy string into your laptop or TV.


  • Long string, packed with tiny bulbs
  • Plenty of advanced options
  • USB connection
  • Affordable price


  • None


There you have it – our picks for the best string lights you can find on today’s market. These products are quality-built and durable, as well as pretty awesome when it comes to illumination and setting up a good atmosphere in the room. They’re also pretty reasonably priced, so anyone can afford at least one set.

And the best thing about these four products is that they can be used not only for illuminating your college dorm room, but for other purposes as well. You can even take some of these outside because they’re resistant to weather conditions such as rain and snow.

If you would like us to single out one product that’s the very best, we can’t do it. It’s because each of these string lights is superb in its own right. It’s up to you to decide which of these items would look the best in your college dorm room.