The 4 Best Shower Caddy for College Students’ Dorm

At home, you probably can keep your cosmetics and shower items whenever you want. But, if you’re going to live with a roommate or roommates in the college dorm, you better find a way to keep your stuff organized. Getting a shower caddy will solve this problem.

This item will allow you to keep your shower essentials in one place, so nothing won’t get lost or mixed with the stuff of your roommates. On top of that, as its name suggests, a shower caddy is meant to be used in the shower, so you will have your cosmetics nearby when you need them. And finally, you can even take a shower caddy with you when going to the campus gym.

Obviously, buying one such thing is definitely a smart decision, especially knowing that most shower caddies aren’t too expensive. Actually, it seems that every student can afford one. But, because they’re all pretty reasonably priced, there’s no need to go for the cheapest option. Instead, don’t think about the price; think about the quality! And we’re now going to help you find quality shower caddies.

4 Best Shower Caddies for Students of College (Good For Dorm Room)

We understand that you’re probably not an expert on shower caddies. In fact, you likely can’t name a single manufacturer of these kinds of items. And it’s perfectly okay not caring about these things. After all, you need to buy one only once in a while. But, when the shopping time comes, we urge you to go for the best one.

The best thing is that in order to find the best shower caddy for college students, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort. You don’t because we’ve already done our research. All that’s left for you to do is go through our reviews and pick your ideal product!

Shower Caddy Tote by Haundry Mesh (Organizer, Key Hook, 8 Basket Pockets)

The first item on our list is a shower caddy made of mesh, which makes it very lightweight, thus very convenient to carry and store.

Thanks to this fact, you can take it with you to the gym or any other place where there’s a shared bathroom.

The fact that it’s lightweight does not mean it’s not sturdy. Actually, just the opposite is true. It’s made of rugged mesh, which is why this shower caddy can be used for placing all kinds of items in.

Speaking of which, there are eight basket pockets where you can keep your stuff (one large middle part and seven additional pockets).

Another great thing about this mesh caddy is that it dries pretty fast. So, even if you accidentally soak it with water during the shower, you have nothing to worry about. It will dry on its own in minutes.


  • Standalone caddy
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Plenty of storage room
  • Dries fast
  • Available in different colors
  • Very affordable


  • None

Portable Caddy with 8 Mesh Storage Pockets by Attmu (Quick Dry, Black)

Similarly to the first item we reviewed, this one too comes with plenty of storage space. It’s also made of mesh, which makes it lightweight and convenient to carry.

You will be able to put all of your cosmetics in this caddy and take it with you wherever you’re in need of such products. And the fact that it’s made mostly of mesh means that it’s very fast to dry.

Another thing that makes it great for travel is the fact that this shower caddy looks really nice. It comes in several color versions, each of which looks pretty attractive.

Because of this, you will be able to use this caddy for many other purposes. For instance, you can use it for grocery shopping, for carrying your clothes, for carrying food and drinks, and so on.


  • It can stand upright on its own even when not full
  • Very lightweight
  • Plenty of storage compartments
  • Fast drying
  • Available in several different colors


  • Not a freestanding caddy unless it’s full

College Dorm Shower Caddy by Handy Laundry (Folds Flat, 8” X 12”)

Here’s another shower caddy you definitely need to check out. Not only is this the cheapest option of all we reviewed, but it also looks really nice.

Furthermore, it’s available in nine different colors, so you’re definitely going to be able to find one to your liking.

The caddy comes with only one compartment, which is spacious enough for you to fit in all kinds of stuff. It comes with a nylon strap, which makes it easy to carry, as well as pretty rugged.

This strap does not break easily. And same as all the other caddies we reviewed earlier, this one too will not get soaked.

In fact, water will stay away from it, so you can feel free to take it with you to the shower.


  • Very cheap
  • Available in many different colors
  • Decent storage space
  • Built to last


  • Only one storage compartment
  • Not a freestanding caddy when it’s empty

Plastic Divided Shower Caddy for College Students by iDesign

Unlike the previous three which are made of mesh, this one is made of solid plastic. It has holes all over, so that the water can drain easily, instead of getting stuck in it.

And because it’s made of high-quality plastic, this caddy is almost unbreakable. You can put all kinds of stuff in it and you won’t need to worry about it falling apart.

Speaking of storing stuff, this caddy has a large capacity, divided into several smaller compartments meant to help you stay organized.

Thanks to this fact, you can use it for other purposes apart from taking it with you to a shared bathroom. You can use it for grocery shopping, as well as for carrying food and all kinds of other things.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Has tiny holes for water draining
  • Large capacity
  • Many compartments to help you stay organized
  • Freestanding caddy


  • Only available in one design


Reading our reviews of the best shower caddies for college students is all you needed to do in order to find your ideal product. And now that you’ve read the reviews, all that’s left is to make your buying decision. Making that decision should not be difficult because you know you can’t make a bad choice. Whichever you pick, you’re going to be satisfied with it.

It’s because each of these caddies is designed to do well what it’s meant to do. It’s going to allow you to take your shower essentials with you to the shower. And you’ll be able to use it for this purpose for a long time because these caddies are made to last. Apart from using the caddy for showering, you can use it for many other purposes as well because these caddies look lovely. The final reason why you should get one of these is that each of them comes with a pretty attractive price tag.