The 4 Best Pens For Note Taking In College

We do live in the 21st century, when the modern tech can be found literally everywhere, however, we still do need some of the old-fashioned accessories. For instance, you need pen and paper to take notes. And this goes double if you’re a college student.

You might think that any kind of pen would do the job, but the truth is a bit more complicated. There are some pens for note taking, which are bound to be of more use to students than others. These pens are not only more practical than others; they’re also more reliable, more durable, and even look better than the rest. That said, if you get one such pen, you will proudly take it with you every time you go to class.

Buying a quality pen for note taking will make your subconscious mind work in your favor – you will know that the pen is valuable, so you will not forget it at dorm or lose it someplace. This way, you will have it with you anytime you need it. And you are going to need it often during your college studies.

4 Best Note Taking Pens for College Students

If you’re a regular college student, the chances are that you have no idea how to differentiate between a quality note-taking pen and a bad one. Actually, apart from the people involved in the pen manufacture industry, there aren’t many of those who can call themselves experts in pens.

So, if you know nothing about pens, how are you supposed to figure out which one to buy? You can try to do some guesswork or pick one completely on random. Of course, the risk that you will get yourself a poor-quality product is pretty high. Another option is to spend hours in front of the screen, exploring the vast market of pens online.

Luckily for you, there’s a third alternative as well. We’re talking about reading our reviews and making your decision based on them. And you can trust our reviews, because we did thorough research before handpicking four products that we believe are the best. So, without any further delay, here are top 4 note-taking pens for college students!

Journal Planner Colored Pens by iBayam

What’s so awesome about these markers is that there’s 18 of them in the package. And each of them is in a different color. This makes the pens extremely useful for college students, who can use different colors to mark different things.

For instance, you can use the color red to mark the most important bits of a lecture, use the blue one for not-so-crucial stuff, and use the green marker for your own notes.

Apart from getting so many different pens in one package, there’s another great thing about this product – all of the pens are top-quality.

They come with a fine tip, which makes writing (as well as coloring and drawing) really easy. And there’s no fear that the pen would break in half, no matter how hard you press it. There’s also almost no bleed-through, except in cases of very thin papers.


  • 18 pens with different colors
  • Great performances thanks to a top-quality tip
  • Very rugged, almost impossible to break by accident
  • Reasonable price for an 18-pen package


  • None

Retractable Ballpoint Pens by Paper Mate (24 pack)

If you thought the first pens were cheap, wait until you learn more about these ones. There are 24 pens in the package manufactured by Paper Mate. And each of them is top quality.

Not only are these pens very reliable, but the ink inside them is expected to last for a long time. Basically, buying one 24-pen pack is going to take care of your needs for pens for a very, very long period. Perhaps even through your college years.

Unlike the pens made by iBayam, these come only with black ink. Speaking of which, the ink dries fast and creates almost no bleed-through.

And even if you forget to retract the pin inside, the ink won’t spill around. But, considering that these are retractable pens, you just need one click to hide/release the tip, so why not do it?


  • 24 pens in one package
  • Very reliable and long-lasting
  • Sturdy and tough to break
  • Reasonable price


  • Only black ink pens are in the package

Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen by Zebra Pen

Here’s another pack of very affordable pens. The package contains 24 pens, so it’s a very affordable choice. All the pens inside the package are retractable ballpoint pens with black ink.

The ink these pens use has a very low viscosity, which makes them really great for smooth writing without any skips.

Thanks to the fact that the pens use high-quality ink, you can increase your writing speed significantly. And considering that the design is retractable, you will be able to hide away the tip, thus making sure the ink won’t try too fast.

This way, you can use a single pen for literally months. Furthermore, the pens are made to be really sturdy, which means you are likely to be able to use one pack for years.


  • 24 pens in the package
  • High-quality low-viscosity ink
  • Reasonable price


  • Black ink pens only

G2 Gel Roller Ball Retractable Pens by Pilot (16 pack)

They’re slightly more expensive than the other three items on the list, especially considering that there are 16 pens in the package.

Still, knowing how good these pens are, you definitely need to consider buying them.

These pens use a smooth gel ink, which can improve your writing speed drastically. On top of that, this type of ink doesn’t make any bleed-through, even if the paper you’re writing on is very thin.

Another great thing about these pens is that their tip is much smaller than the tip in those we reviewed earlier.

These pens are retractable, as well as refillable, which basically means that you will be able to use them until you get your college degree.


  • Top-quality gel ink
  • Refillable
  • Ideal for fast writing


  • Not very cheap


If you had no previous knowledge on how to find the best pens, now you have it. After reading our reviews, you are probably capable of finding some fantastic pens on your own. But, why waste your time, when you can get yourself some fantastic pens that don’t cost too much straight away?

Just pick one of the four packs of pens for note taking that we covered in our reviews above and you can cross this item of your college shopping list. We guarantee that whichever of these four sets of pens you decide to choose, you’re going to be satisfied. They’re made to last long and provide the user with top-level performances along the way. Our advice is not to wait any longer – go to Amazon and get yourself the best pens!