The 4 Best Lightweight Laptops For College Students

Gone are those days when a computer was the only available option for everyone especially college students. Laptop will make your college life a lot easier, less stressful and more convenient. College students create their bulk of work, assignment and research on their laptop.

Data storage of a laptop is also large enough to keep all the data and information needed by the student. There are other functions students can use great laptops for college in their free time: like gaming, streaming, surfing the internet, movies and keeping up with the media.

College life is tasking and academics rely on technology advancement. Having any laptop is not enough in college. A fast and portable laptop is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

The 4 Best Lightweight Laptops for Students

There are lots of lightweight laptops in the market. It may be a stressful task to get the best lightweight laptop especially if you are just getting into the college and you are trying to get the best laptop for you. In this kind of case, we are here to help to you find the best products and specific products needed for you. This will direct you when getting a lightweight laptop. As a college student, picking the reliable, durable and effective laptop capable of fulfilling your expectation should be your aim.

If you want to explore for a second on the best lightweight laptops for college students, check out our guide to help you in choosing the lightweight laptop that will give you the optimum delivery you deserve. After going through this guide, it will be less tough to find the best lightweight laptop for you. The below listed lightweight laptops are the most reliable, capable and best laptop for you.

LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop, Screen: 17

The LG Gram laptop provides the necessary portability with great features that supports all your need. With a huge 17-inch screen display, it is still light enough to be taken anywhere you go to. It has great speed and power which is provided by its 8th Gen Intel Core processor (i7), 16GB RAM, windows 10 and multi ports. The exterior is made up of nano-carbon magnesium which makes it lighter and the same time tougher than the normal laptop shell. This laptop is very rigid and durable. It can survive in the rough college life without any external damage because of its tough metal body.

It passed seven industry-standard tests to prove its military-grade capacity and durability. One of the features that give you easy time and convenience on the laptop is the fingerprint recognition. Just by touching the power button you can easily log on or reawaken your laptop. It doesn’t require the inconvenience of entering a password. Other features include touchpad supporting up to four-finger multi-touch gesture, backlit keyboard when you are using your laptop in the dark, with a 72wh battery with a full days worth of power.


  • Very portable
  • High processing speed and power
  • Tough metal body
  • Easy to operate


  • Glossy screen has uncomfortable feel
  • The speakers are not that great

ASUU VivoBook F5 10UA, Screen: 15.6

The laptop gives an incredible 80% screen-to-body ratio. The VivoBook has a 14-inch laptop frame. This laptop is the slimmest and lightest laptop ASUU has ever created. It weighs 3.7 pounds and 0.8inches thin. It has an Intel core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and which delivers ultra-smooth visuals due to its Intel UHD 620 graphics making it fastest than the conventional laptops. It is a combination of function with Intel i5 processor and 1TB storage unit.

The ASUU VivoBook F5 has optimized visuals for any kind of content. Featuring four display modes: vivid; Eye-care; normal and manual accessible with a single click on the laptop. It has an intelligent algorithm which makes any display look fantastic with its 150% sharpness, brightness and contrast of every pixel in every frame.


  • Lightweight
  • Lightning-fast processor and connection
  • High graphic and display technology
  • Incredible screen-to-body ratio


  • Vulnerable body
  • Ineffective battery life
  • Few number of USB 2.0 ports

Huawei MateBook X Pro – Thin & Light Laptop, Touch Screen 13.9

This is a 0.57inch thin laptop that weighs 2.93 pounds. It has an Intel Core i7 processor boosting performance way faster than its predecessor. It has an incredible 91% screen-to-body ratio. The i7 configuration makes the laptop perfect for all kinds of graphic works, video editing and gaming. The battery is a powerful, with an incredible capacity of 57.4WH. Its 57.4WH battery gives you a full worry-free day.

The laptop has a recessed camera sitting on the keyboard which only pops up when it is needed to safeguard your privacy. A one-touch power button which powers up your laptop in 7.8 seconds. It comes with a Windows 10 Home Edition which increases the laptop’s speed and prevents it from slowing down when you are using it. So you can use your laptop all day long with the laptop at optimum capacity.


  • Incredible speed and power
  • Very portable
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Perfect for gaming and video editing


  • Vulnerable body

Samsung Notebook 9 Ultra – Slim Laptop, 13.3 Full HD Screen

It is an understatement to say the Samsung Notebook 9 is lightweight. This 1.8 pound laptop is packed with power. It is the lightest laptop in the market with an incredible weight of 1.8pounds. It is packed with Intel Core i7 processor, durable battery life, 20 minutes fast charging, fingerprint sensor and some other amazing features. The laptop is made up of slim bezel and the screen of the laptop reclines 180-degree. It has the 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which produces a smooth multitasking and high quality power-efficiency.

Wherever you are, you can charge your Samsung Notebook 9 laptop. With this laptop, charging has been made easy. You can use the same cord used to charge Smartphone to charge the laptop. With this cable you can charge in your car. Also, the fingerprint sensor has made it convenient and more secure to log in. You are the sole person able to access your laptop and all it takes is a touch.


  • Full-HD display
  • Fast charging
  • Optimal function all day long
  • Extreme light and portable
  • Fast processor


The listed lightweight laptops above are made to make such that you have an incredible experience while doing your day to day college activities. You can easily pick from the above for your desirable and comfortable lightweight laptop for your college activities. Luckily, any of the above lightweight laptop can meet up with whatever plethora of laptop option you need. Whether you care more about memory, storage, tech spec, graphics, speed or display; any of these laptops will give you the optimum satisfaction you want.

Like I said in my welcoming note, college life is tasking. Having a fast and portable laptop is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. A laptop that is not just fast but can be carried around with you everywhere you go to without stress. You need a light laptop that can do all you want in college. This article has made selection less tasking and has given you a list of best lightweight laptop you can ever want as a college student. Being in college can be stressful, but why in it make sure you have an excellent laptop is easy your college stress. Go for a lightweight laptop. You will be surprised with the functions and features your lightweight laptop can come with.