The 4 Best Laundry Hampers & Baskets for College Dorms

It’s time to prepare for life at the college and among the things you need to add to your shopping list are hampers and baskets for dorms. It’s pretty obvious why you will need them – these things are used for putting away your dirty laundry. Apart from using them to temporarily store your dirty clothes, you can also use them to easily take the laundry down to the college laundromat.

Sure, buying any kind of laundry basket would do the work, but why not get yourself the best one? You do have a chance to get the best products without spending too much time and money. Buying the best laundry hamper/basket means that you will be able to use it throughout your college years. And that’s just one of many advantages of buying a quality product.

Other advantages include the fact that the best laundry hampers and baskets are designed with user convenience in mind. You will have no problem storing them, not to mention that using them to carry your laundry is going to be easy. On top of that, such items are made of quality materials which not only make them durable, but also ensure your laundry will not get ruined. By providing enough ventilation, these hampers/baskets will ensure no bacteria or molds find a home in your dirty laundry.

4 Best Laundry Hampers & Baskets for Students of College

Being a freshman means that you need to prepare yourself for college life. And that involves buying all sorts of items you will need in your everyday life. The bad news is that this can sometimes be pretty boring. Buying stuff like laundry hampers and baskets is definitely not something an average student would call fun.

So, to save you the trouble, we’ve decided to take care of all the research work for you. Instead of investing your time and nerves in finding the best laundry hampers and baskets, a much more sensible solution is to let us handle it.

Actually, we’ve already taken care of everything. We did our research and were able to select four products that seem ideal for students. So, with no further ado, here they are!

Thicken Laundry Bag by Homiak (Self Standing as Laundry Basket, with Alloy Handles)

The first item on our list is a laundry bag that can be used as a self-standing basket thanks to its practical design.

This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to use. You will have no problems putting in the laundry, even if you decide to use only one hand.

At the same time, thanks to the fact that its walls are made of 600D Oxford fabric, you will be able to place in a large number of clothing items.

And the same is the reason why you will surely be able to find some space for it in your college dorm room, not to mention that you will be able to flatten it when it’s empty in order to store it more easily.

This item is available in six different colors, each of which costs the same. Speaking of the cost, this product might not be the cheapest you can find, but is still pretty affordable.


  • Freestanding laundry bag
  • Made of fabric, thus breathable
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Could’ve been slightly cheaper

Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper by Handy Laundry (Collapsible for Storage, Durable Handles)

Although not as rugged as the previous item we reviewed, this laundry bag is incredibly lightweight.

This makes it ideal for storing when you have no use for it. You can just flatten it or roll it up and place in a drawer or under the bed.

Being lightweight does not mean it’s not sturdy. On the contrary, you will be able to use this laundry bag for a long time.

It’s made of quality material that won’t tear or get damaged in any other way even if you put a lot of items inside.

And same as the previous laundry bag we reviewed, this one too comes in several different colors.


  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Beautiful design
  • Very affordable price


  • Not a freestanding option

Slim Laundry Hamper by Chrislley (Collapsible Laundry Basket, 21 Inches)

Here’s a freestanding laundry hamper with a pretty slim design, which makes it great for placing in tight spaces, such as the one between the washing machine and the dryer.

Although its construction is rugged enough so that it can stand on its own, the hamper is also collapsible. What this means is that you can flatten it when it’s empty so that you will have no problems finding a room for storing it.

Oxford fabric was used for the construction of this hamper, which ensures it remains in perfect condition for a long time. Its handles are also very rugged and they won’t detach from the body of the hamper even if you use it to carry a lot of weight.

The final reason why this hamper is a good choice is that it looks pretty elegant. It’s available in several different colors and considering that it’s pretty compact, you will be able to find other uses for it.

For instance, you can use this item for grocery shopping.


  • Rugged construction
  • Freestanding & collapsible
  • Elegant design


  • Could have been cheaper
  • Not too big storage capacity

Double Laundry Hamper by Fragrantt (Convenient Carrying, Foldable Design Perfect for Dorms)

The last item on our list is a beautifully designed laundry hamper which not only looks nice to the eye but is also very convenient to use.

This is a freestanding hamper with metal handles, which makes using it really convenient.

It’s also very sturdy and durable, so you can be sure that it’s going to serve you well throughout your years at college.

The final reason why you should definitely consider buying it is that it looks wonderful.

Its gray design makes it both trendy and elegant, so it surely won’t be an eyesore no matter where you put it.


  • Freestanding & foldable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Beautiful design


  • Not the cheapest option there is

Final Word

Now that you’ve read our reviews, you should be able to make the right buying choice. Instead of wasting your time doing research on your own, you can simply pick one of the four items we reviewed. We assure you that even if you pick one on random, you won’t make a mistake. Each of these products can be called the best laundry hamper/basket for college students.

And the reason is not just that they’re all easy to use, while also being very rugged; it’s also because each of these four products is pretty reasonably priced. There really is no reason to wait any longer – go to Amazon and get your laundry bag right now!