The 4 Best Laptops for High School Students

We live in the 21st century and computers are essential in many areas of our lives, including education. We need laptops for college to take notes, do our research online, create all kinds of school projects, and so on.

Because of all this, it’s often not enough to have a single desktop computer at your home; you will often need to take it with you to your high school. And that’s why a laptop is exactly the kind of device you need. Laptops can have basically the same specs as much chunkier PCs, but unlike desktop computers, laptops are portable.

We think that every high school student needs to own one such device and many experts agree with us. Such a device can make help them with their learning, while also making studying more fun. But, not every laptop is good enough for high school students. A suitable choice needs to have a decent-size display, fast CPU, plenty of memory, decent graphics, and of course, a long-lasting battery.

So, how to find one such laptop? One way of doing it is to go to Amazon and check out dozens of reviews of top-rated laptops. Another, much simpler way, is to ask experts for help. If you want our opinion, all you got to do is read our reviews of what we believe to be the best four laptops for high school students.

Best Laptops for Students of High School

While picking the four best laptops for high school students we focused on those devices that are fast and reliable, but also very convenient to use. These laptops are also pretty beefy in terms of hardware, which makes them capable of putting on fantastic performances in all kinds of areas. Thanks to this fact, they can be used not only for studying purposes, but also for playing games, browsing the internet, using social media, etc.

These laptops are also very durable devices, which isn’t a big surprise considering that each of them is manufactured by a famous brand. Finally, we also made sure to choose only those laptops that do not cost too much. Each of these four comes at a pretty reasonable price, so that the students and their parents won’t end up with zeros on their bank accounts after buying one such device.

Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop by Dell (15.6 inch Full HD touchscreen, Core i5, RAM 8GB, 1TB HDD)

Manufactured by Dell, this 15.6-inch laptop is everything a high school student needs. Its main feature is the touchscreen display, which is pretty accurate and reliable.

You can use it to write down notes as you would on a regular piece of paper. You can also use it to draw or play games.

Apart from the impressive display, the laptop comes with plenty of other amazing features. It’s CPU us a Core i5, supplemented with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD.

It also has a good battery life, and its design is very slim which makes it easy to handle. Finally, it’s also very lightweight, so carrying it in a backpack would not be a major problem.


  • 15.6-inch touchscreen display
  • Beefy hardware
  • Attractive design


  • Integrated GPU (not too great for demanding games)

Aspire E 15 Laptop by Acer (Core i5, RAM 8GB, 256GB SSD)

Unlike the one made by Dell, this laptop doesn’t feature a touchscreen, but it does come with plenty of features that make it superior to the competition. First of all, it packs a beefy CPU.

The processor in question is an 8th gen Intel Core i5 CPU with a maximum speed of up to 3.4GHz. Add to that the fact that this laptop also has an 8GB RAM, as well as 256GB SSD and you’ll realize that it’s an incredibly powerful machine.

Another awesome thing about it is that it has a dedicated graphics card, which is GeForce MX150. This makes it capable of running some pretty demanding programs and, of course, many recently-released games.

It also comes with a long-lasting battery that can keep it running for as much as 15 hours straight.  


  • Reasonable price
  • Fast processor
  • Uses 256GB SSD
  • Dedicated GPU
  • Powerful battery


  • Might not be as durable as other laptops on this list

ASUS ZenBook 13 Laptop (Ultra-Slim, 13.3” Full HD, Intel i5 CPU, RAM 8GB, 256GB SSD)

It’s very similar to the laptop we just reviewed, with one major difference – ASUS ZenBook is incredibly convenient to carry.

Its size is 13 inches in diameter, combined with its light weight and slim thickness, makes this laptop incredibly easy to handle.

Another thing that makes it one of the best portable computers is the fact that its battery has a pretty decent capacity.

And when it comes to performances, they’re more than impressive. It’s all thanks to the fact that it comes with an Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD.


  • Impressive specs
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reliable and durable laptop


  • Its display is not too large

Matebook 13 Signature by Huawei (8th Gen i5, RAM 8GB, 256GB SSD)

Made by Huawei, a Chinese technological giant famous for the performances of its devices.

Same as any other product that has come out of Huawei factories, this laptop too comes with pretty impressive specs.

What we’re talking about is the fact that it packs an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD.

Another amazing thing about it is that it features a touchscreen display with a diagonal of 13 inches. Speaking of sizes, the laptop is pretty slim, thus very convenient to handle and carry.

It’s also very lightweight, so carrying it in your high school backpack will not cause any strain on your shoulders and back.


  • 13-inch touchscreen display
  • Powerful hardware
  • Built to last
  • User-friendly design


  • Not the cheapest laptop you can find

Final Thoughts

Each of the four laptops we reviewed seems ideal for high school students. These laptops are impressive in terms of specs, as well as pretty conveniently designed so that an average student will have no problems carrying one to school and back.

These laptops are also expected to work fine for a long time, considering that they’re manufactured by reputable companies. They’re also pretty affordable, especially considering how powerful their hardware is.

As you really need only one laptop, the question is which of these to choose? Well, it’s up to you, really. Depending on your needs and wishes, as well as your budget, you need to decide which laptop is your ideal choice. For instance, if you’re looking for convenience, then Huawei Matebook and Dell Inspiron 5000 seem like more than suitable picks.

If, on the other hand, you want your laptop to be able to run demanding games, our advice is to go with Acer Aspire E. And if you want a laptop that looks good and which can cover all the needs of an average high school student, you won’t make a mistake if you pick ASUS ZenBook.