The 5 Best Laptop Brands For College Students

Laptop is one of the must-have items on your shopping buying list. Easy and portable, this kind of advice can come in handy at various situations. You can use it both in your dorm room and in the classroom. And you can use it for a variety of different purposes, including learning, but many other things as well. For instance, you can use your laptop to watch movies, play games, stay in touch with your friends and family, and so on.

Of course, whether you will be able to use your laptop to do large and complicated projects that require a lot of computing power is something that depends on the performances of your laptop. Therefore, if you’re studying something that requires creating such projects on a regular basis, getting a high-performance laptops is of crucial importance.

Apart from being great in terms of performances, good laptops for college also need to be reliable and durable. Finding such a device is not easy because there isn’t a specification that you can take a look at and see whether the laptop is going to last for a long time or break too quickly. This is why many people decide to rely on the experiences of other users, focusing only on the products made by brands famous for quality and durability. So, which laptop brands are ideal when it comes to longevity of the products, as well as their specs and features? We’re now going to talk about some of them!

5 Best Laptop Brands For College Students

Although there are literally hundreds of different brands out there, not all of them manufacture the kind of products students need. You need a powerful laptop with top-level performances, which is reliable and durable; such laptops are made by only a handful of companies. And we’re going to discuss five such companies this article!

Buying a laptop made by one of these brands means that you got nothing to worry that it would break too soon. These brands are famous for durability, so it’s fair to say that your laptop is going to work fine for years after you’ve finished college. Devices made by these brands are also fast and reliable, thus capable of carrying all kinds of complicated operations.

Apple Laptops For College

Apple is one of the companies that played a big role in shaping the world we know today. Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1970s, the company grew to become of the biggest tech giants in the world. Although this company manufactures a wide range of products, including iPhones, their most famous products are computers.

Actually, the first product this company developed was Apple I, a sort of predecessor of what we now call a PC. Over the years, Apple switched their focus from making desktop computers to developing high-performance laptops. Although nowadays, there are both desktop and laptop computers developed by Apple, the latter do get a lot more attention.

Today, there are several series of laptop computers made by Apple, the so-called Mac computers. Mac actually stands for Macintosh, which is a sort of apple fruit. Today, there are several Macs in production, including those from the MacBook series, but also MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

What makes Mac laptops so popular among users is that they’re incredibly reliable. The reason is not just that top-quality parts are used for their construction; it’s also because these devices use software that’s developed with their hardware in mind. Basically, in the case of Macs, both software and hardware is made by one company – Apple.

Although Apple laptops are not cheap, they definitely do deserve their price tags. They’re fast, powerful, reliable, and durable. On top of that, Apple software is simple to use, which can improve your efficiency. The final reason why buying an Apple laptop is that these devices also look really nice, with the latest releases having incredibly slim designs.

Pros of Apple Laptops

  • Incredibly reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design

Cons of Apple laptops:

  • Pricey

Acer Laptops For Students

Here’s a Taiwanese brand famous for the high-quality of all of its products, including PCs tablets, smartphones, and, of course, laptops. An interesting thing about this company is that this isn’t a manufacturer of laptops; instead, Acer designs and takes care of distribution, while leaving laptop construction to contract manufacturers from China and other parts of Asia.

Thanks to this fact, Acer is capable of creating laptops that are high in performances, yet low in price. Those college students who are looking to save some money should definitely take a look at what Acer has in its offer. Their budget laptops are only budget when it comes to the price tag, while their specs and features are those of much more expensive computers.

Unlike Apple devices that run on the operating system developed by Apple, Acer computers usually use Windows, although they can also run on Linux. Furthermore, some of Acer laptops run on the operating system developed by Google. The so-called Chromebooks are among the most popular items in the Acer library of products. And same as any other Acer product, these laptops are also very reliable, durable, and pretty reasonably priced.

Pros of Acer laptops:

  • Some of them are really cheap
  • Better specs than many other laptops from the same price range
  • Reliable and durable

Cons of Acer laptops:

  • Might not be works of art when it comes to design

ASUS Laptops For College

Another Taiwanese company that made it to our list, ASUS is also a true giant when it comes to the volume of products manufactured each year. But, unlike Acer, this company makes its own parts and assembles them before putting them on the market. Speaking of Acer production, this company makes all kinds of electronic things, including different types of devices and gadgets, but also parts like motherboards, CPUs, and so on.

This company also makes laptops, which has a pretty good reputation among the users. The thing is that these devices use ASUS-made parts, thus making them faster and more reliable than most other devices from the same price range.

ASUS manufactures all kinds of different laptops, that is, devices focused on different purposes. For instance, there are laptops that are made to be convenient to use, but which might not be suitable for larger operations. We’re talking about ASUS laptops from the Chromebook series.

There are also gamers’ laptops made by this company, as well as those ideal for business users, which belong to the ZenBook series. ASUS laptops that look ideal for college students include those from VivoBook and StudioBook series, although you will be surely satisfied whichever ASUS device you decide to buy.

Pros of ASUS laptops:

  • Large offer of different laptops
  • Some pretty cheap laptops to be found
  • Reliable hardware

Cons of ASUS laptops:

  • Might not be a decades’ long solution

Dell Laptops For Students

An American company with headquarters in Texas, Dell is one of the largest tech corporations on the planet. The company is the world leader when it comes to certain devices like PC monitors for example. And when it comes to laptops, although it’s not the largest in the world, it does have a good reputation. The reason is that Dell laptops are very reliable, but also very impressive in terms of performances.

Dell has all kinds of laptops in its library, so you will surely be able to find that you like. There are Chromebooks ideal for those who need a laptop that’s easy to use, portable, and beautiful in design. There are also laptops from the G Series, which are designed to be capable of running demanding video games. At the same time, these laptops are suitable for running advanced programs, such as those used in design and architecture.

There are also laptops from Dell’s Inspiron series, which are designed to be suitable for anyone. They look nice, their battery is awesome, and of course, they don’t lack power and speed. No matter what your major might be, you can surely make use of a Dell Inspiron laptop.

Pros of Dell laptops:

  • Big choice of laptops to choose from
  • Generally very reliable
  • Pretty impressive performances

Cons of Dell laptops:

  • Some models seem pricey

Hewlett-Packard Laptops (HP)

Here’s another American manufacturer of tech products, which too is famous for the quality and reliability of its products. Furthermore, HP is also famous for the attractive prices of its laptops. That’s why it’s not a big surprise that for years, HP used to be a leader in the production of laptops, selling more laptops than any other company in the world in the period from 2007 to 2013.

HP is also one of the companies with the largest tradition, being founded more than 80 years ago. During that period, HP has established a reputation of a company that makes products that can last for decades. So, if you’re looking for a laptop that’s going to serve you for a long time, HP might be your best choice.

Another reason why you definitely ought to take a look at HP’s offer of laptops is that this manufacturer sells pretty reasonably-priced laptops. And the best thing is that they often come with breathtaking specs. HP laptops can be pretty beefy even though their price might suggest otherwise. Speaking of price, at HP, you can find budget laptops that do their job fine, but also some high-end devices meant for professionals in industries like graphic design, film, architecture, and so on.

Pros of HP laptops:

  • Some HP laptops are incredibly affordable
  • Generally pretty impressive specks
  • Known as durable products
  • Large number of laptop models to choose from

Cons of HP laptops:

  • None; you can definitely find your ideal laptop on HP’s collection


The brands we discussed above are companies famous for making high-quality laptops. Although these brands have a cult status among laptops users, it doesn’t mean other companies are bad. There are plenty of laptops manufacturers out there that have some fantastic products in their offer.

We’re talking about companies like Lenovo (the world’s largest manufacturer of laptops), Toshiba, Samsung, Huawei, and so on. Apart from tech giants that manufacture all kinds of laptops, you may also want to take a look at what companies like Razor have in their library. This particular company is famous for making laptops suitable for running demanding video games.

Focusing on a reputable brand could be the key to finding a good laptop. But, this doesn’t mean that your job’s done. If you want to find a truly good laptop, which is also reasonably priced, you will need to put in a little bit off effort. You will have to check out the specs and read reviews of those devices. Speaking of which our website is your ideal source of information regarding best laptops for college students and, in fact, anything else related to things the college crowd needs.