The 4 Best College Backpacks For Guys

The task of being a college student can be a rather stressful proposition. There is a need to convey food, books, and laptops from one class to the other. These and many more are reasons are perhaps why student backpacks are the most vital tool for organizing a student’s life.

It is however important that you note that not all such bags are equal. The best in this category usually come with adjustable straps, water-resistant build, and different compartments as well as ventilated back.

Most students usually have a defined requirement when it comes to shopping for a backpack, prominent among which is that it should be able to protect their laptops. It is also expected that it should be able to carry certain peripherals such as power adapters and chargers.

Also, it is expected that college students want something fashionable and efficient in its function. We believe that at the end of this write-up, you will have a clear idea of what you want with most of your doubts eliminated. All you need to do is read up and make your choice!

The 4 Best Men’s Backpacks for College Boys

Having established the importance of backpacks for college Guys, you will agree that making the right choice of bag to purchase is very important. This is why we have taken out time to research and arrive at four backpacks based on reviews of previous users.  We understand fully well that as college students, you already have too much load on your back as it is.

We have streamlined our search to just four backpacks that stand out based on pricing, function, quality, and performance. Instead of sacrificing time out of your rather busy college schedule to search on the internet for the bag that suits your needs, we have done that for you.

It is however important that you note that we do not claim to be the sole custodian of knowledge in this regard. However, we can confidently say that each product reviewed here has gone through a thorough vetting process. Therefore, sit down, relax, scroll through and make your choice!

Backpack with USB Charging Port for Men by Matein (Good for College Guys, Water Resistant, Anti-Theft, Fits 15.6 Laptop)

From the stables of Matein, this unique backpack comes with features that should easily make it one of your top choices.

It comes designed with features such as its suitcase strap which helps you help avoid the need to have it carried on your back, which means your shoulder and back would have less work to do.

In addition to this is the fact that it comes with a theft-proof pocket at the back which lies against the body of the wearer.

The anti-pickpocket back pocket makes it quite difficult to for anyone to steal your values such as your passports or wallet when you are on the move.

What’s more? It also comes equipped with external pockets on either side which is made using elasticized meshes.

This makes it expand thus helping it as many sizes of water bottles as possible.


  • The backpack comes with a charge port for your USB charger
  • Has external pockets on both side for carrying extra luggage
  • It is designed to be anti-theft
  • It is sturdy and light-weight
  • It is solid and durable
  • Water-resistant


  • it doesn’t have a waist strap
  • the charging hole may get damaged if turned upside down

Backpack for College Guys by YOREPEK (Fits 17″ Laptop, Charging Port)

The YOREPEK backpack for college guys is one unique choice for graduation gifts. If you are the type that is looking to get more organized than you already are, then this is the ideal bag for you.

It comes designed with a large capacity as well as organized pockets.

The pockets, for instance, have 3 main compartments that are rather spacious with several pockets suited for hiding your stuff.

It has enough capacity to hold a 15.6 inch MacBook as well as a 17-inch laptop, in addition to side deep Zipper pocket useful for essentials.

Also, it has elastic side net pockets which mean more space for your umbrellas and water bottle.


  • highly comfortable
  • durable and solid
  • equipped with the USB charging port
  • multi-purpose and tsar approved
  • a very large capacity for carrying things
  • water resistant


  • even though water-resistant, it won’t keep steady rain

College School Computer Bag For Guys by Volher (Fits 15.6″ Laptop, Waterproof, USB port)

If you are tired of always carrying heavy burdens on your back and shoulder, this bag by Volher is the perfect choice for you!

It comes with a luggage strap that is on the back to slide the luggage thus giving you easier transport.

It also has an anti-theft system which helps to hide your valuables from the reach of pick-pockets.

In addition to this, it has a headphone interface for listening to music on go coupled with elastic mesh on both sides for water bottles.

It is ideal for safety, comfort, durability, and function.


  • it has adequate spacing
  • comes with a sturdy design
  • it is quite functional safe
  • it is made of durable solid material
  • the bag is made for your comfort and convenience
  • water resistant


  • it is not waterproof

Backpack for College and Travel by Ytonet (Fits 17″ Laptop, Waterproof, Large and Durable)

The Ytonet travel and college bag is a multipurpose bag that will save you both money and energy. 

It is designed for those who are always on the go. This bag has over time earned a unique reputation due to reasons such as its separate Laptop compartment which can fit laptops that are below 17 inches as well as MacBook’s.

Furthermore, it has side pockets which can carry accessories such as wipes phones, USB lines and so on.

In addition to this, it has front carabiner which is fit for water bottle and climbing ropes. Its main compartment is also able to take a camera, books, thin clothes, headset, magazines, and the likes.


  • it has an innovative design that relies on ScarnSmart and modernity
  • it is very useful for getting organized
  • it provides supreme comfort
  • has a whole lot of space
  • it is safe and functional
  • has US port support


  • if the bag is stuffed, it won’t fit under the seat
  • it is water-resistant but not waterproof


The task of shopping for a college backpack can be likened to shopping for a new best friend. However, this one involves helping you keep your life as organized as possible. The delicate nature of this task is the reason why you can’t just choose any bag for this purpose. More often than not, this bag may be with you all day and as such needs to have qualities such as strength, safety, and comfort.

Therefore, you must make the right choice based on certain parameters per time. In writing this review of the best four backpacks for college guys, we have carefully considered some of the core criteria for an effective bag.

We did this by factoring in things such as their level of comfort, personality fit, adaptability to adverse weather conditions, capacity and features. We can therefore confidently tell you that choosing out of our options can only give you the best at the least.

The bags chosen can be verified using the reviews left behind by previous buyers most of which were positive. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get that credit card out and make that order today!