The 4 Best Calculators for Engineering Students Of College

If you are studying any course that is either science or technologically inclined, you will agree that a regular calculator is never enough. This is mainly because regular calculators may not be able to handle the complex data problems which you may have. Hence, every engineering student looking to make his or her work cut out easily would ordinarily go for scientific calculators.

With the ever-increasing population of students opting for professions that are STEM inclined the need for scientific calculators have never been as high as it is. You should, however, know that scientific calculators are simply electronic calculators that are hand-held and used to solve hitherto difficult problems in science and Mathematics.

There are quite several types of scientific calculators and engineering students should be in a better position to relate to it in terms of need and usage. The fact is that using the right calculator will enable you to achieve high-level competition as long as you are well versed in its application.

 The good news is that there is a calculator designed for you regardless of whether you are a professional engineer or just learning the ropes. Here we bring to you some of the best calculators for engineering students!

Best Engineering Calculators For College Students

Only the best calculators should be able to help you with your complex scientific and engineering problems during study. Specs such as improved performance, higher memory, better display and a larger array of apps are all necessities for a better experience.

How then are you expected to find one of such devices? A trip through Amazon will show you several dozens of scientific calculators. It is therefore imperative that you carry out careful and thorough research if you want to get the one best suited for you. The drawback to this, however, is that you will have to devote quality time and energy which you should be used on other aspects of your studies.

A better alternative however, would be to rely on our opinion. We have taken out time and resources to review four calculators which we believe are the best for college students. All that is required of you is to go through at your convenience and make your choice.

Casio FX-115ES (Natural textbook display, 280+ functions)

In the world of scientific calculators, the Casio brand is one that has managed to retain its relevance, especially among college engineering students.

This is further helped by the fact that Casio continues to churn out updates in terms of design and performance.

However, the Casio product that caught our attention during our research is the Casio FX-115ES. 

This calculator comes with an intuitive build which makes it quite easy to use while at work. It also has a large multi-line display which permits it for vital replay functions. In addition to this is the fact that it comes equipped with a two-way power source (battery and solar), hence you are always good to go!


  • Equipped with an impact-resistant cover
  • Has over 280 functions
  • Portable and lightly built
  • Created with natural display functionality
  • It can store up a list of statistical data
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Has a large interface
  • Has double power source(battery  and solar)


  • The keys effuse an annoying click sound
  • The matrix function tends to support up to 3 by 3 matrix’s alone

FX-991EX engineering by Casio (High-Resolution Display, 552 functions, Simultaneous & Polynomial Solver)

This is an all-new scientific calculator equipped to deliver optimum performance.

Its high-resolution display should help you increase the volume of the information displayed while also giving you high-speed calculation while carrying out the most complex mathematical problems.

Unique features such as its improved high-resolution LCD screens permit you to have access to information on applications such as 4 by 4 matrix calculations and spreadsheets.

It is also interesting to note that this calculator has advanced calculations for vector inequality calculations as well as differential and integration calculus.

Furthermore, it comes with a solar-powered battery thus giving you durability and reliability. Regardless of what your needs are, this calculator is equipped to handle it all!


  • It can scan QR code
  • Graph formation is seamless


  • The font is quite smaller and it lacks functions such as HCF, LCM and remainder

TI-36X Pro Engineering Calculator by Texas Instruments

This 36X pro engineering calculator by Texas Instruments is deployed where Graphing Technology may be limited.

It comes equipped with a multi-view display which can display more than one calculation at each given time.

You will also be excited by the fact that it comes installed with Math Print software which displays symbols, math expressions, algebra, stacked fractions, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics.

For its display, it boasts of a 4 line LCD with features such as scrolling, recalculation, Multiview, and MathPrint. 

If you are the type that spends long hours calculating, you don’t need to worry about the battery life as it comes equipped with a solar and battery power source. 

This calculator is indeed the ideal choice for college engineering students who handle rather complex calculations all the time.  


  • It goes  beyond where graphing technology stops
  • It has three types of memory
  • It is quite easy to reset
  • It can solve basic algebraic math such as Algebra 1 and 2
  • It has a 16 character and 4 line MultiView display


  • It runs basically on solar power
  • Has only four courses where graphing wasn’t permitted

H1002, 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator by Select

The H1002, 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator by Helect is a rather interesting choice in the engineering category

This is a rather robust and professional-grade scientific calculator that is equipped with 2*L1154F batteries with two-year usage.

Furthermore is that it comes with a double line display which displays both calculated result as well as entry simultaneously for you.

This calculator can easily handle one to two-variable statistical problems, engineering notation modes as well as three angle modes. It is also equipped with a slide-off protective hard case and a lifetime warranty from the producer thus making a win-win for you!


  • Has a slide off the protective cover
  • Has both multi-replay and memory functionality
  • It has a bright LCD making reading off it easier
  • Its double-line display makes engineering problems better understood


  • Non-programmable
  • It is not equipped with solar support for power


You will agree that a scientific calculator makes a lot of difference for engineers. From simple arithmetic problems to solving the most complex calculus challenge, these calculators are indeed important.

 We have tried to limit your choices to the best four there is to save you the stress and disappointments that come with trial and errors. What’s more? You are on course to making your college work a lot easier and quicker!

It should, however, be noted that each one of these scientific calculators come with their unique design and features. What this means is that you have the option of making your choice based on what your needs are. However, you can be rest assured of the fact that regardless of the calculator you select from this list, you will be making a choice you will never regret!